Date:09/01/2013---Time:6:00 pm

Interview Magazine

ABOVE: JULIETTE COMMAGERE. IMAGE COURTESY OF JULIA BROKAW Ever wondered what a Kate Bush song about unicorns might sound like? Juliette Commagere has a few ideas. "Big Star," which we're pleased to debut, is dazzling: whether by a fireworks display of strings and snares, Commagere's startlingly confident alto, or offbeat material—"Flying high in the dark / we won't come down," she swoons in character as a unicorn—the L.A. native comes across as a fully formed artist poised for her close-up. "The inspiration for 'Big Star' came from a book I read as a child called Morgan and Yew," Commagere says. "It used to make me cry. Yew (a sheep) traded his best friend Morgan (a unicorn) in order to have his beautiful horn. Morgan then had to ride the big star for all of eternity." JULIETTE COMMAGERE'S HUMAN IS OUT SEPTEMBER 10. FOR MORE ON THE ARTIST, PLEASE VISIT HER WEBSITE. Link to original article: http://www.interviewmagazine.com/music/exclusive-song-premiere-big-star-juliette-commagere#_